History Major Overview

Learn about the History Major at JBU.

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Maggie Willis:
I think History is a great way to look at the world through a different perspective.

Preston Jones:
I think if you're able to contextualize today's news in a broader story, I find that very practical. I find that useful. I think sometimes it's interesting to talk about historical things and leave them in the past. But most of the time, I like to talk about things in relation to their relevance for today.

Maggie Willis:
You get to know your professors really well. And you can go to them if you have questions about your research, or your career.

Preston Jones:
So you have smaller classes and so it's possible to have conversations, real conversations.

Maggie Willis:
You can find History wherever you go and it's just a matter of making the most of the connections you can find here.

Preston Jones
You can't get to today without a past so that's why the past matters.

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