Business Administration Major Overview

Learn about the Business Administration Major at JBU.

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Joe Walenciak:
People use the Business Administration degree as a launching platform for a lot of different kinds of careers. You're going to have a significant amount of contact with the real world.

Hallye Swysgood
It's great to know that the people teaching us know what they're teaching. The professors that are here, they have real world experience. They'll be teaching part of the chapter and then they'll stop and say, 'well, whenever I did this, this was what it looked like.'

Joe Walenciak
These are students who are showing that they can be excellent in the classroom, but also be excellent in the world. John Brown University is committed to educating the head, the heart, and the hand. That gives them the ability to gain essential skills in a variety of areas. I think those things can happen at John Brown University.It's a good place.