Alumni Profile: Jacob Tankersley

Alum Jacob Tankersley talks about running his business, GB Group Construction.

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Jacob Tankersley:
Hi, I'm Jacob Tankersley, owner of GB Group Construction. I'm a graduate of John Brown University their Construction Management program. This project was started a couple months ago, we are in the rough-in stage now. We're trying to stay cutting edge, our company using new products, using new methods that aren't the old ways and so we're always trying to learn new new tricks as we go so that we can give our clients a better product. The Construction Management program is set up for more of a commercial application. I like the hands-on approach. It's something different every day. Even in my early years I could walk onto a job site, and very quickly I could pick up what they were talking about. When I think about it, and the reason I would love for my kids to go to a school like John Brown would be the fact that you're surrounding yourselves in that environment. The twice-a-week chapels, just re-centering a couple times a week and just having that daily influence that John Brown gives you on a daily basis that Jesus is there and working is, I think, very beneficial.