CEHS Introduction

An introduction to the new College of Education and Human Services

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Dr. Ed Ericson: We're trying to bring together the fields that are sort of the service and helping fields. So you have nursing and you have education, you have psychology and kinesiology. I think what students are going to feel then is that they will have opportunities of moving back and forth between programs that might have been more complicated or difficult. They'll feel part of a larger identity that's related to something that's very much part of JBU's mission, service, helping, caring professions. So these things will be connected more seamlessly and easily for students.

Dr. Kevin Simpson: I'm particularity excited actually about the collaboration with the Family and Human Services faculty, Dr. Ogle and Hall. Gives us a chance to think more intentionally about how our classes will go together. Maybe some cross-departmental teaching. It is that scientific basis upon which psychology is built that I think will branch out best to other disciplines like education, graduate counseling for example this kind of thing.

Dr. Margo Turner: The idea that we would have a synergy together people focused on the same kind of goals. And I think it helped the majors to be with some other people that may not be in the exact same plan they are but similar paths: nursing, teaching, there's a lot of similarities there. Psychology, counseling, kinesiology. We see a lot of connections, a lot of the same kind of heart beat in those students.

Kati Watkins: We sit and discuss students you know that maybe have a bad home life or something and we talk about how to best approach it in the love of Christ because a lot of these students maybe act out and are really problem students so understanding that there's a deeper level to what's going on and understanding how to adjust that as Christians and see how to feed their spiritual needs as well in the classroom and integrating that well is something that we all strive for a lot the time and we support each other in that way.

Molly Tester: JBU professors are really wonderful. And some of the professors within our program specifically have deeply impacted my life and have shown me just the need that there is to care for people. One of the things that Dr. Hall says a lot is, "If you're not going to do it then who will?" So there's a lot of people within our culture and within our communities that need a lot of help and if we're not going to do it then who will?

Dr. Jeff Terrell: You know, as we think about the College of Education and Human Services at John Brown University, our purpose as we understand it is really to help people to obey the Great Commandments. To love God and to love their neighbor. As I think about that and think about the people who need a touch, people who need healing in our community mentally and physically, educationally we look at the needs that are out there and they're just staggering. And so for us in the College of Education and Human Services we really want to be the hands and feet of Christ. To reach out and touch those people who are hurting in the world around us.

Dr. John Carmack: The call of Isaiah is very clear where Isaiah talks about that I'm called to heal the brokenhearted. And what better fit you know, to sort of fulfill that calling than to be a Christian counselor in any setting.

Kristin Pankey: Working together to say okay this can be so much more holistic when we look at it from all pieces of who a person is and not just kids need to learn or kids need to understand their emotions or that kind of thing but getting to be involved in all of those things. You know, we may not be working with people of all the same age but to understand that we can partner with each other and be in different places but still support each other in that.

Dr. Margo Turner: And for me this is a really collaborative opportunity to say we all are focused on a JBU mission. To work together, to build the students and prepare and develop them is to me a beautiful picture of the body of Christ.

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