Alumni Profile: Emily Moberly

Alum Emily Moberly describes how her JBU education helped her launch Traveling Stories, a non-profit with the mission to "outsmart povery one book at a time".

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My name is Emily Moberly and I graduated from John Brown University in 2008. I majored in Journalism and minored in Business Administration. Right now what I'm doing is I am running a non-profit organization called "Traveling Stories." It's an organization that I started myself in 2010. What we do is set up libraries around the world and villages that have never had access to books. So far we have seven international libraries. My goal is to outsmart poverty one book at a time and make books accessible to every child in the world. I think what I'm doing in my life is a lot to do with what I gained in my college education here at John Brown. The faculty and staff encourage you to ask big questions and to dig deep for answers. They don't just tell you to memorize things. And that is something that has helped me in every job I've had but especially being in charge of a non-profit. John Brown showed me that serving God doesn't have to look like being a pastor or a women's ministry leader. God has created us with creative skills with strong minds and with compassionate hearts. So I really felt a lot of freedom at John Brown to explore that and be creative and really ask God, "Hey, what do you want to do with me? What special plan do you have that will use my unique skills?"