Day of Discovery 2014

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Dr. Margo Turner (College of Education): We built this whole idea of a Day of Discovery. It's where students come to the college campus and do some science learning. And what it involved was getting all the 4th graders, which were over 300 of them here on campus, and we had them doing rotations with engineering students. And then we had students over in the chemistry lab, and biology labs looking through microscopes. All three 300 students actually looked through a microscope last week, and many of them for the first time and only time in their lives. And then my students here that are learning to be teachers did science experiments for the students. For many of those 4th Graders this was the only time they have ever been on a college campus. So I think that they left with lots of new experiences, but also maybe, we hope a little seed was planted, that they could see themselves as a future college student, maybe a future scientist, or a future teacher. 4th graders are pretty impressionable, and they left with a really good experience.

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