Soderquist Center 15th Anniversary Banquet

Walmart CEO and former PepsiCo and P&G CEO's join The Soderquist Center's 15-year celebration.

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Walmart Speaker 1: As many people in the room know, Don is known as the keeper of the Walmart culture. The impact that he's had within the company is pervasive and will stand the test of time. And the key, in my opinion, is that his behavior, Sam Walton's behavior, and the behavior of so many of the leaders at Walmart have been consistent. They really are authentic and genuine, and they're the same way whether they're at work or outside of work, and they're the same way every day. And they embody those characteristics.
Walmart Speaker 2: You know, there's been a lot of talk about the Soderquist Center and so forth... I really don't like to focus on me, I think this is a celebration. It's a wonderful celebration. But it's a celebration of all of the people who work at the center, who are so devoted and dedicated to what it is we do. But the reason they are is they believe in what we're all about, they believe in what we talk about. And so no matter what it is their role may be...They're all dedicated to what we want to do, and that is collectively we want to impact the lives of people. And if you have that purpose in mind as to what it is you do want to accomplish, and you have a set of values that guide you as you make those decisions... then you're likely to accomplish your purpose in life. Thank you for honoring us by your presence, and may God bless all of you. Thank you.

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