Bible Department Overview

Hear from students and faculty about the majors in the Division of Biblical Studies.

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Dr. Cary Balzer: If you want to be intentionality a part of the Kingdom of God and have thought about the application of that again to any area of study this is a great place to do that.

Dr. Maxie Burch: Maybe that's one of the reasons students need to come to JBU because maybe it's here that they realize the kind of story that God wants to write with their life and they start it.

Greg McKinney: And here at JBU I've learned that students aren't just pre-adults. They're powerful. When teamed up with the word and the spirit they can really advance the Kingdom of God.

Matt Abbott: I chose to go here because of the community and what it offered. The people here and the hearts that they have towards not just education, but wholehearted living and spirituality.

Twana Smith: Well, going to JBU all the professors are great. No matter what I told them I wanted to do with my life they were all like, "You can do it. Go for it" It's encouraging to know that you have people behind you.

Krista Gay: So many times I've gone and just talked to professors about personal problems because I knew that they would get it because they're open. That they are human and that they're more than just here to teach you, they're here to guide you spirituality too.

Dr. David Brisben: We encourage them and we really do prepare them well.

Dr. Robbie Castleman: I get mail, not infrequently, from faculty at graduate institutions saying, "Wow. Send us more JBU students."

Dr. Cary Balzer: And certainly as we prepare people to be professionals in Christian fields and in the world and any profession we think that being biblically grounded is incredibly important.

Greg McKinney: So it's way more beyond the grades that I receive on a paper but it's the depth of insight that I gain through it.

Dr. Maxie Burch: And so I think that's the point is not what job am I going to get but what kind person am I going to be?

Dr. Cary Balzer: It's been so great to see what God does through peoples’ lives through what we get to do here at JBU by teaching and preparing people for ministry.

Dr. Maxie Burch: If you're interested in just something that's more than a major then the division of Biblical Studies is where you belong.

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