Soderquist College of Business Dedication

Don Soderquist speaks at the dedication of the Soderquist College of Business.

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Don Soderquist: It is a great honor for our family to be so recognized. But I also want to tell you it's humbling. Very much so. We never anticipated anything like this this is the last thing that we would look to. What we are interested in is the phenomenal opportunity there is for business students at John Brown University to make a tremendous impact in the world of business, or wherever they may choose to go. We're not doing it for recognition, that's not what the aim of the school is. But the recognition if you do your very best and you perform in an outstanding fashion, and you strive for excellence in all you do which is a picture of what has happened here. That the recognition comes as a byproduct of what you're doing. The product are the young people that are here and as they go out into the world and achieve spectacular things.

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