Student Profile: Kristina Arge - Marketing & Management

Watch Kristina Arge talk about her experiences with Enactus.

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Kristina Arge ( Marketing and Management Major) : My name is Kristina Arge, I'm a marketing and management major. I grew up in the Faroe islands, I've been there my whole life. I loved it and I'm planning on going back after I'm done here. Being brought up in another culture, and then being in Enactus here in the US, it helps me be more aware of culture differences. We have a lot of group work, we do a lot of presentations, so you can use all the skills, all the abilities you have, you can use it in Enactus. We have so many different projects that require so many different skills. I started in a project called The Open Doors, where we go out to the West County jail and we teach the inmates how to write a resume. It was really cool to go out and apply those things that we learned in classes, and teach them to other people as well. Then in November they had an audition for the speaker's team, every year there's a competition. We present our projects. I got chosen for that team amongst three other girls. We spent probably for the semester around 200 hours working on the presentation. You meet every day, 1 to 2 hours. It's hard work, but it pays off. It was just a lot of fun. It made me realize just how much more Enactus is doing for all the students and for our community and globally as well. We had a project last semester called The Guatemala Water Project. Right now we have 7 projects going on, both globally and locally. The goal for our projects is to go at it with an entrepreneurial approach. Get it going, get it started, and then step back. And see them taking ownership of the project. It's been life-changing, made me see some different things that I didn't think about before. And I definitely want to be somehow, I'm not sure how, but I'm planning on being involved in Enactus in the future. Join Enactus!