Leaderskilz: Timeless

Leaderskilz: Timeless

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Client: Guys, I think it's in one of these files that I have here, I think I'll recognize it when I see it. Oh oh, okay, I think I got it, I think I got it. I think this is the file. I think this is the right folder. It's not in any date sequence or anything...

Boss: I can just look it up...

Client: What's that?

Boss: I can just look it up.

Client: Oh no no no, no no, you know, I've got the hard copy. I got an idea, it might be in here, I write a lot of hand notes. Oh, there's quite a few in here. I'm sorry... I've been looking for this one! Let me see what we've got here... This one is... oh no, that's not it. That's pumpkin carving, I don't know how that got in there.
Boss: Nope, that's not it.

Boy: You know we could come back, uh...

Boss: Are those cassette tapes?

Client: Yeah, cassette tapes. Guys, I think I might have found it now I've got some, uh, slides here. Let me bring these in, I think I've got it. No, that's not it. Oh... I got it, it's on my computer! I'll just boot up my computer.

Boss: No!

Client: Have you guys ever seen anything like that before?

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