Leaderskilz: Simple

Leaderskilz: Simple

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Boss: So to sum it up, we want to equip you with a customized solution to shift the paradigm at your company. So...what do you think? Can we circle the wagons and pull the trigger on this thing?

Customer: Wait. So what exactly would you do for us?

Boy: Well, I mean, what do you need? That's the real question.

Customer: Well, you called us. ...hello?

Boss: Right, well, it's like I said before at the end of the day, we deliver customized industry leading solutions focused on creating actionable and sustainable initiatives to move the intellectual needle for your company. ...Pretty simple. At the end of the day, we deliver excellent...

Customer: Deliverables.

Boss: I mean, yeah...

Customer: so...you're consultants?

Boss: Ahh-I don't-I mean, we don't even really like to fit ourselves in a box. We're so much more...

Customer: Okay, so, based on what you said, you help organizations succeed by helping their people become better?

Boss: Well...that's not all we do...but we do that and more. I think this is going really well.

Boy: Yeah, me too.

Boss: How do you feel about sports analogies? I mean, let's talk about-let's talk about that a little bit. I mean, your organization is like a team. I mean, at the end of the day,

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