Leaderskilz: Emotional Intelligence

Leaderskilz: Emotional Intelligence

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Boy: I think we're, uh, we're supposed to be taking these surveys individually...actually.

Boss: No. No, we take it together-

Boy: Some of the questions seem a little confidential-

Boss: No, we take it together. I've done this a hundred times before.

Boy: Oh...okay.

Boss: Look, okay, "This assessment measures emotional intelligence." blah, blah, blah. Whatever. "Please evaluate your relationship with your direct report by answering the following questions. Indicate your response by checking yes or no. Questions 1 through 60 are to be answered by the supervisor. Please complete the following questions...individually."

Boy: See that's the individualized...

Boss: Whatever. "The first four questions deal with emotional intelligence. Question 1: I understand my emotions and I recognize their impact on others." Yeah. Check. "I am skilled in managing my own emotions." Check. "I sense others' emotions and have the ability to see things from their perspective." Check. "I have the ability to inspire and motivate others toward a common goal." Yeah. Check. Okay. "The next series of questions will assess your relationship with your direct report." Mhmm. Question 5: "I am acutely aware of any tension that exists in my relationship with my direct report."

Boy: Stupid assessment.