Leaderskilz: Encouragement

Leaderskilz: Encouragement

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Boy: Hey, did you want to talk about something?

Boss: Huh?

Boy: Did you… Did you call me in here?

Boss: Uhh... oh yeah. Yeah. You can sit down.

Boy: Thank you.

Boss: Umm...I basically just wanted to say...thanks. I mean, you get here...on time.

Boy:Everyday, man.

Boss: Right. Most days you get here on time. I mean you do...you do what you're asked.

Boy: Absolutely.

Boss: I mean most of the time you do what you're asked. Umm...So, I mean, you exceed our...Uhh... I mean, you meet expectations. So I mean...

Boy: Is that...what? Is that what you... just what you wanted to talk about or?

Boss: Yeah.

Boy: So are we... I should.. should probably go.

Boss: That's pretty much it so... Thank you.

Boy: Thank you. appreciate it.

Boss: Let's see, today's the nineteenth... I was actually uhh... gonna...

Boy: Did you get a new calendar?

Boss: No. That's my "encouragement calendar". It just, I mean, it helps me keep track of...

Boy: Keep track of, of encouragement?

Boss: Yeah. I mean, it's pretty self explanatory.

Boy: So, I'll be like...


Boy: Alright.

Boss: So umm... I just wanted to say, uhh... doing a pretty good job, Sandy. Thanks for all you do. Here.

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