Student Profile: Steven Caldwell

Senior Steven Caldwell talks about his experience in the Construction Management program at JBU.

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Steven Caldwell: My name is Steven Caldwell. I grew up in Long Beach, California. And I'm a Senior Construction Management Student. Construction Management starts from the most basic things, how to use a tape measure, use a hammer, all the way up to Seniors will lead a project, from start to finish. Getting permits, and then actually constructing the house. We work as a team. Each Senior class is assigned a house or a project to build from the ground up. So it really teaches you what team is, you depend on each other to get projects done. For our Senior project, I am the safety manager on the site. So I have to write out all the hazards of the site. This year we're working for IBCD, they're training missionaries out in Watts, Oklahoma. Currently, we just poured the footings for the foundation wall. And on Tuesday, we're going to pour the foundation wall. After that, we'll put the floor joists on, then the floor, then the walls go up, and then the roof goes on after that. A lot of the finish work has to be done in the Spring semester, the cabinets, and the flooring, the deck outside. I'm excited to keep working on it. It's one of my favorite classes. I would say the management side is a lot different from what I thought it was. When I think of construction, I think of outside digging ditches all day. You work hard, but if you're on the management side so you get to tell people what to do a little bit more. If you're considering Construction Management, I would go for it. JBU has one of the best facilities I've seen, and it's unique that you get the hands-on aspect, as well as the in the class, and in the office aspect. Just keep working hard, learn as much as you can. You're here for a short time, just soak it up.

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