Leaderskilz: Athena Award

Leaderskilz: Athena Award

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Man 1: Hey Lisa!

Lisa: Oh hi!

Man 1: Sorry. I just wanted to say congratulations on the award.

Lisa: Oh, thank you!

Man 1: The Athena Award? Is that right? Athena! That's right. Great. Congratulations!

Man 2: When did you find out about that?

Lisa: It's been about a month.

Man 2: Hmm. I was nominated for that award.

Man 1 and Lisa: You were?

Man2: Yeah. I don't know by who but I had to withdraw my name this year. I just don't have time.

Man 1: The same award that we're talking about right now?

Man 2: Yeah! I won it in 2005 and 6. Back to back years. I think I'm the only one who's ever done that before.

Lisa: We're talking about the same award?

Man 1 and Lisa: Yeah the- the Athena Award?

Man 2: Sue.Hey umm...I'm trying to find my Athena Awards. Athena. Yeah. The ones - you know... I won back to back in 05 and 06. Can you find those for me? That'd be great. Thank you.

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