Alumni Profile: Mutiny FX

Alum Dustin Solomon talks about his company, Mutiny FX, that specializes in editing and creating visual effects for the film industry.

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Dustin Solomon: Hi, I'm Dustin Solomon, owner of Mutiny FX, we do editing and visual effects for small budget films. And I'd like to take you inside and show you what we do. Here's our office, we have a nice little quiet space right off the square. My major at JBU was Digital Media. My freshman year was the first year that they offered that degree. I've always loved movies, I love narrative. I love escapism. The imagination, you can bring anything you want to life. Mutiny FX was founded about two years ago in Northwest Arkansas, in downtown Bentonville with the intention of strictly working on editing, post-production visual effects for low-budget feature films. My time at JBU, one of the biggest take-away that I got from that is an adaptiveness to the industry. I think what that really instilled in me was just this you can find a way. If you have this thing that you want to accomplish, even if there's not a set-in-stone tool for it, go figure it out. You can do it. JBU provides that environment where small classes, very intimate with the professors, you can get a hold of them on the phone, you can go to their house. It's a place where you can ask questions and the depth of knowledge that you want to get is limitless. It's up to how engaged you want to be. It's a great memory, it's a great time. It's an experience that I would definitely do over again if I had the opportunity.