Graduate: Overview

Graduate: Overview

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Karen McGuirt: Sometimes, making that decision to get your Master’s, you just have to jump in with both feet and go for it.
Dr. Richard Ellis: You think about the leaders in industry and society and the culture, almost all of them have a degree above a bachelor’s degree.
Linsey Owens: The experience I had at JBU- it was very practical. It was a lot of work and was very hard, but it was worth it.
Carine Netto: I was very, very happy with the quality of the education, with the quality of the professors – they had a lot of real life experience to be able to relate to the textbooks we were reading, to the projects we were working on.
Dr. Nick Cornett: This place is unique. It’s is different. They don’t just talk about a community; it’s actually felt and experienced. Consistently, you find people that care, who are passionate about what they are doing.
Kelly Wilson: They’re small classes, you get to know the professor. You need help, you can go to them directly. It’s a personal relationship that you build with that professor.
Xue Lee: And having that support system, not just from my classmates, but my professors because they have that faith-based background, they have the experience and they have the knowledge to effectively teach us.
Dr. Richard Ellis: Once you know how to help people, how to communicate as a leader, how to work with teams of people, whether it’s in education, or counseling, or business.

Brenda Younger: So, much of my education has come from such a diverse group of students.
Carine Netto: Often if you’re around people that think the same way you do, you don’t learn a whole lot, because you’re not stretching your limits. You are not pushing the boundaries and trying to think about things in a different way.
Dr. Richard Ellis: It’s a challenging endeavor to get a Master’s Degree.
Brenda Younger: It’s really been a priceless experience
Kelly Wilson: When somebody has a Master’s it’s like “wow. They’re really putting forth a lot of effort to continue to be the best that they can be.”

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