Leaderskilz Episode: Distracted

Leaderskilz Episode: Distracted

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Boss: Hey! Hey, real quick. I want to get your feedback on that meeting we just had on purchasing decision process thing
Boy: Sure. Yeah.
Boss: Honest feedback. What did you think about it?

Boy: Okay, yeah. I think you all are doing the best job you can. The leadership is doing great. I think our team can do something – a few things – to help. Moving forward, I think first the procedures need to be pushed out in two or three languages minimum. I think what we’ve – uh, what we’ve got now just isn’t sufficient. Second, I think the scale and the scope of what we are doing is massive and I think we ought to just try it out in a few regions- just test it. I think it would be who of us to get some feedback from some of the regions.
Boss: Hey! Yeah, I’ve been trying to- no, I’m not busy. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. What do you think about tonight?

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