University Marketing & Communications frequently needs voice-over talent for videos and radio commercials. If you'd like to be considered, please record an audio file of yourself reading one or both of the following scripts. (Your phone voice recorder is fine.) Feel free to include a couple of "takes." Then email your file to

Voice-over work is paid via stipend. 

Script #1 (Radio)

Are you second-guessing your college plans? At John Brown University, we understand how scary that can feel. But it's not too late.

Students still making decisions for fall 2019 are invited to JBU’s Last Chance Preview Day on July 19th. You’ll tour campus, receive personalized attention from an admissions counselor, meet current students, and sit down 1 on 1 with a financial aid counselor.

It’s free, and you can take care of all the details in one afternoon. Visit jbu DOT edu SLASH last chance to register

Script #2 (Radio)

If you're a high-school student, John Brown University is excited to invite you to the Summer Academy Series. This week-long program offers you a chance to explore in-depth a specific field of study. You can choose from Art, Piano, Engineering, Construction Management, Computer Gamebook, or Worship Arts. You'll also experience what it's like to live on campus for a week. You can find more information about the John Brown University Summer Academy series, at jbu dot edu slash summer academy or by calling 479-524-7423. 

Contact us with any questions.