Consent, Release to Use Images and Recordings

 For University Purposes, and Waiver

By clicking yes and signing my name below, I grant to John Brown University (the "University"), its successors and assigns, the right to use, publish (in any medium, including but not limited to, print, video or sound recordings, display and transmission on the Internet, or any other electronic medium), publicly display, perform (in any format, including but not limited to, film, television, digital display, and/or transmission on the Internet), and copyright for its fundraising, marketing, programmatic, and other educational and commercial purposes (the "Project"), photographs, video or sound recordings, and video or voice-recorded interviews of me (collectively, the "Multimedia Works").

In consideration for the University's creation of the Multimedia Works, the possibility of my being featured or otherwise included in the University's Project, and the expense that the University may incur in having the Multimedia Works taken, recorded, processed, and produced, I release the University, its trustees, officers, employees, agents, successors, assigns, and all persons acting under their permission or authority, from any liability for, and waive any and all claims for injury, loss, damage, or compensation, or any other claims (including libel and slander, invasion of privacy, and violation of publicity rights) in any way connected with me and arising out of the University's use of the Multimedia Works in its Project.

I waive any right that I may have to inspect or to approve the Multimedia Works' finished product or other copy that the University may choose to use for the Project or in connection with other materials related to the University, its business, its educational programs, or its products.

I understand and agree to the terms above. I understand that I am giving up rights by signing this Consent, Release, and Waiver.  I am signing it voluntarily.