JBU Rugby National Tournament Fundraising

This year, your JBU Golden Eagles Rugby team ended the season both undefeated and ranked Top 20 in the nation. Moreover, they also won the Mid-America/Great Plains championship in Wayne, Neb. Since they won the regional championship, the team has the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles on April 5 and 6 to compete in the “Sweet 16” playoffs. They will play two games in California, and if they win, they will head to Rugbytown, Colo., April 26 and 27 for the National Championship.
This is where our team needs your help. Since the rugby team is still a club sport, they receive limited financial support from the University.  Basically, they must raise their own support to get to L.A. — a  total of $19,000. It will cost them about $750 per player for flights, van rental, food and lodging. We need alumni, friends and family to partner with the rugby team in order to get them to Los Angeles.


If you feel led to contribute financially to the team’s trip, please do one of the following things:

Donate to the Rugby Club online and apply your gift to "Rugby Club Nationals".


Write a check to “John Brown University” and place “Rugby LA Support” in the memo line. Donations to the rugby club are tax deductible. All gifts can be sent to the following address:

John Brown University
Rugby LA Support
2000 West University St.
Siloam Springs, AR 72761


Also, be sure to follow the team’s fundraising and scrum-pushing on Facebook and Twitter.


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