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Think critically and pursue truth

With information and an endless supply of opinions just a tap away, it's more important than ever that your education challenge you to think critically and pursue truth.

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Ask big questions

By challenging you to ponder "How?" and "Why?", your professors will encourage you to make creative and original thinking your second nature.

Make new connections

If knowledge isn't everything, context is. By connecting what you learn in your major to other areas of study you'll be better equipped for a successful career and a life of purpose.

Pursue academic excellence

We are called to do all things in honor of God. At JBU, you'll be encouraged to treat your academic and professional pursuits as a form of worship.

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“Our professors are incredibly accessible. That is not what I got at my previous school, and not what you can get at a state school.”

Eliza Newkirk '20

Faith and learning

For Christians, faith and learning are inseparable. At JBU, you'll be encouraged to follow Jesus and serve others in all areas of life.

Engaging classrooms

Come prepared to think, write and discuss, not just memorize facts and follow instructions.

Personalized learning

Because JBU professors get to know you and your goals, they’re able to personally invest in your growth—academically, professionally and spiritually.

Available professors

At JBU, a professor's main job is teaching students—but that's not the case at every college.

Civic and global citizenship

Engage with, respond to and reflect on political, social, environmental and economic challenges.

New perspectives

Diverse guest speakers in chapel and at campus events will consistently expose you to new perspectives.

Learn from invested professors

What to expect at JBU

While any college can help you acquire knowledge, knowledge alone isn’t enough to be successful.

That’s why a JBU education is about training your mind to think creatively and solve complex problems—not facts and figures you’ll soon forget.

At JBU, your professors will challenge you to dig deeper and ask hard questions. You’ll learn to make new connections in the pursuit of truth and academic excellence.

With that kind of training, your mind will serve you well for the rest of your life and in every future job.

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JBU professors will know your name and personally invest in your success

  • 14:1 student-to-professor ratio

  • Average class size of 20 students

  • 96% career placement rate (class of 2019, 94% knowledge rate)

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