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Part 3: Hand

Develop career skills and serve others

Develop the skills and get the hands-on experience and you need to impress employers, do good work and make a difference..

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Get real-world job preparation

We designed our academic programs to equip you with the experience you need to land a job or start graduate school.

Benefit from personal mentorship

JBU professors will know your name and personally invest in your growth—academically, professionally and spiritually.

Impress employers with soft skills

It's easy to overlook skills like collaboration and communication, but they are a focus of our programs because we know employers are looking for them.

Discover how JBU encourages you to put your faith in action

CAUSE Ministries

Student-led ministries encourage you to apply your skills to various outreach opportunities.


Around 80% of JBU students complete an internship as part of their studies.

Extracurricular activities

Connect with others and honor God with your interests in athletics, choirs, clubs, bands and more.

Action and encounter trips

Serve abroad or expand your perspective of what it means to be American.

96% career placement rate

96% of recent graduates were employed, in graduate school or taking a voluntary gap year within 6 months of graduation (Class of 2019, 94% knowledge rate).

Study abroad

Study at JBU's own Lakeside Manor in Northern Ireland, explore ancient churches in Jordan and more.

What to expect at JBU

Your faith, your relationships, your everyday activities and the work you do throughout your life are all connected.

And you are called to do them all for the glory of God.

At JBU, we’ll train you to be excellent in your chosen profession and prepare you to honor God and serve others in all areas of life.

No matter your major, JBU will help you learn to live and work in such a way that contributes to God’s redemptive work in the world.

“Because JBU provides so many opportunities for hands-on experience, I feel prepared to work with people in the real business world.

Grace Flaugh '23

Prepare for a successful career and a life of purpose

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