Lecture Capture/Screencasting




How to Create & Embed Tegrity Videos

in your course in Blackboard



Free for videos up to 15 minutes. Pro version for $15 per year for longer videos and editing tools.


Free Google Chrome Extension which you can add to Chrome from the Chrome store

Introducing Screencastify

Blackboard Collaborate

Using Blackboard Collaborate in your course in Blackboard, create tutorials or recordings of sessions.


Basic - Free, but limited.

Pro - Unlimited, interative

Gold - Quizzes, tracking & more

What's Knovio All About?

How to Create a Knovio Online Presentation


Check out a Blogie from our lending library to record video on a camera on a tiny tripod.


Check out a Swivl from our lending library to record video on an iPad that tracks your movement as you teach.

One Button Studio

Make videos in our extremely easy to use One Button Studio and take them with you on a flash drive. Contact Kim Johnson, kijohnson@jbu.edu for reservations or more information.

Lightboard Room

Record a high-end video using the lightboard - a glass markerboard filled with light where you face the board and camera, write or draw, or even overlay with PowerPoint. Contact Kathy to schedule a lightboard recording session. Provide a script for the teleprompter, and we’ll provide the videographer, editing, and captioning.


Video Hosting/Streaming




How to Upload Video, Share Link, Student Use

Add a Mashup

in your course in Blackboard


  • Create a YouTube account
  • Create your channel
  • Upload video (Private, Unlisted, or Public)
  • Adjust settings for comments etc.
  • Captioning available (Be sure to preview & edit)
  • Share link, embed or Add a Mashup

Google Drive

Video Files in Google Drive



Interactive Video




Edpuzzle Demo

Make Any Video Your Lesson

How to Create My First Edpuzzle Lesson

Activate Closed Captions

How to Enroll Your Students


Edpuzzle Chrome Extension

Embed Lesson

Share Lessons

How to Import Zaption Tours

Can share with links or embed in Blackboard.


Office Mix

Make PowerPoint interactive with this PowerPoint add-on. Add video, quizzes, screencasting and more. Can share with links and embed in Blackboard. Quiz results can be sent to the Grade Center.

Office Mix Tutorials

Using Office Mix with Blackboard


With the Pro Version - interactive

With the Gold Version - Quizzes, tracking

Video Design


Video Tips

Designing Engaging Screen Lessons

Instructional Video Tips


Additional Resources

Instructional Video Resources


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