What do instructional designers at JBU do?

  • Collaborate with faculty to design learning experiences for face-to-face and online classes
  • Assist faculty with problem-solving, teaching strategies, or integrating technology
  • Assist faculty with recording/producing videos or other course content
  • Assist faculty with educational technology in the classroom and online
  • Collaborate with developers to produce new online and blended courses, and revise others
  • Manage courses for JBU Online and some graduate programs and courses
  • Promote best practices for teaching and learning for face-to-face and online classes
  • Explore and evaluate new products, methods, strategies, and best practices
  • Review courses for quality assurance, alignment of objectives, activities, and assessment
  • Provide consultations and training on instructional technology topics
  • Collaborate with faculty and staff on projects

Contact Kathy Hogan or Kim Johnson for assistance with your instructional design and educational technology needs. 

Kathy Hogan, Senior Instructional Designer, 524-7340 khogan@jbu.edu

Kim Johnson, Instructional Designer, 524-7476 kijohnson@jbu.edu