What do instructional designers at JBU do?

  • Collaborate with faculty to design learning experiences for face-to-face and online classes
  • Assist faculty with problem-solving, teaching strategies, or integrating technology
  • Assist faculty with recording/producing videos or other course content
  • Assist faculty with educational technology in the classroom and online
  • Collaborate with developers to produce new online and blended courses, and revise others
  • Manage courses for JBU Online and some graduate programs and courses
  • Promote best practices for teaching and learning for face-to-face and online classes
  • Explore and evaluate new products, methods, strategies, and best practices
  • Review courses for quality assurance, alignment of objectives, activities, and assessment
  • Provide consultations and training on instructional technology topics
  • Collaborate with faculty and staff on projects

Contact Kathy Hogan or Kim Johnson for assistance with your instructional design and educational technology needs. 

Kathy Hogan, Senior Instructional Designer, 524-7340 khogan@jbu.edu

Kim Johnson, Instructional Designer, 524-7476 kijohnson@jbu.edu


Quality Matters

JBU is a recent subscriber to Quality Matters (QM). It is a nationally recognized faculty-centered peer review system that promotes continuous improvement and quality assurance in online courses. QM provides systems, tools, and training to evaluate and improve quality in course design. At the heart of the QM program is the research-based QM rubric. For more information about Quality Matters, contact Kim Johnson, Quality Matters Coordinator, kijohnson@jbu  

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