Teaching Squares:

Peer Observation Groups

Description:  Peer observation groups are designed to facilitate self-reflection on teaching practices through the process of watching peers in the classroom.  Groups of four faculty members (“squares”) observe each other once in class and contemplate what they have learned about his or her own teaching and classroom practices.  These observations are free from evaluation or judgment because the focus is on personal development.

 Outcomes:  Participants will:

  • Observe three peers in the classroom
  • Offer observations to group
  • Reflect on his or her own teaching
  • Share targeted suggestions and best practices (if requested)
  • Strengthen relationships with other new faculty
  • Develop plan for future

 Schedule:  The time commitment for the group is fairly minimal.  An initial meeting takes place where participants exchange syllabi and discuss course objectives and broader pedagogical mindsets.  Observations then take place over the next three weeks.  A final meeting is convened to discuss observations and reflections and determine what changes will be made a result of participation in the group.  In total, the program takes approximately six hours of time (one hour per week for six weeks). 


For more information or to inquire about joining a teaching square, contact Carla Swearingen at cswearingen@jbu.edu.


Adapted from  http://www.leeward.hawaii.edu/teachingsquares

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