Thursday, February 9, 2017

Simple Instructional Video Production

So, have you heard about our One Button Studio? It’s amazing!

It’s a super easy way to make videos for your online and face-to-face classes. Introductions, lectures, tutorials, interviews – really you’re only limited by your imagination. You can record your video seated or standing, using the whiteboard, or with a black backdrop. Two microphones are available for interviews. In case you need it, there’s a large monitor available to prompt you with a script or bullet points. Not only that, but in the very near future you will be able to record yourself with PowerPoint slides, websites, documents, and other video clips. All pretty much at the touch of a button. It’s private, just you and the camera. So you can record as many takes as you need without feeling like you’re imposing on anyone. Then walk away with the video on a USB drive or leave it with us to make minor edits.

First Users’ Experiences

We have had several instructors try it out recently. In fact, some are already repeat users.

Sam Heinrich

“I recently used the One Button Studio to produce several videos for a new economics course I developed. The process is as simple as advertised and provides an excellent resource for our students that helps replicate a classroom lecture.  I’ve been able to use this first group of videos in a couple of courses already and see these topical pieces as reusable across a number of courses I teach in different platforms (DC, TUG and Grad).  Thanks to Kim, Kathy and the Office for the Advancement of Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship for advancing our abilities to offer innovative approaches and solutions.”

Wendy Togami

“Using the One Button Studio continues to be a very important part of my teaching for this online course. It gives me the opportunity to communicate in the way I am most comfortable to ensure my students are tracking with my expectations.  It is a great way to capture interviews from the experts and practitioners in the field of study.” 

Tonya Suarez

“One Button Studio was super easy.  I have made many videos in my office using Tegrity, but One Button Studio was even easier.  It took less setup time and I was able to go in and share the content as if I was teaching it to a classroom full of students.  It was so easy to do that I am definitely looking for more ways I can use it more in the future.”

Kai Togami

“The One Button video technology allows professors to capture reusable learning to benefit students by reinforcing and reminding – especially in areas like introductions, explanation of expectations and enduring principles, practices and knowledge. It provides a greater personal touch in online learning and enables instructors to focus more quickly on new learning in face-to-face sessions.”

Kai’s Sample Video:  Take a look at one of Kai’s introduction videos by clicking on the following link. Introduction  Unfortunately Kathy and I had our camera focusing lesson after making this video. So typically One Button videos will have better focus, but you get the idea.

Making Videos for Repeated Use

Making videos for repeated use can be challenging. Recently, Faculty Focus shared some valuable tips to keep in mind when making videos that last. Extending the Shelf-life of Instructional Videos: Six Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Schedule a One Button Studio Session

Are you ready to try it out? The One Button Studio is located in the John Brown University Cathedral of the Ozarks on the third floor in the Office for the Advancement of Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (ATLAS), C326. It is available for use by appointment during regular business hours. Contact Kim Johnson to schedule a One Button Studio recording session today.

For more information and resources for making instructional videos, see our Capturing Video and Making It Accessible Tip Sheet.

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