JBU Teacher Education Department Mission Statement

The John Brown University Department of Teacher Education seeks to develop educators who are skilled professionals and reflective decision-makers who also exhibit Christ-like characteristics in their professional and personal lives.


The Department of Teacher Education Program, in keeping with the overall goals of the University, strives to provide teacher candidates with the following:

1. A firm Christian foundation with respect to their personal, moral, and spiritual development.

2. Desirable values, ideals, and a sense of individual responsibility based upon Christian principles.

3. An appreciation of the opportunities for service in the teaching profession.

4. An understanding of the role of education in a democratic society.

5. Knowledge and skills necessary to respond to the individual differences of learners.

6. Appropriate skills and techniques for effective teaching.

7. An introduction to the processes of teaching based on professional studies which are integrated with clinical and field based experiences.

8. A knowledge of the growth and development of youth.

9. An awareness of the social, political, and economic realities that individuals experience in culturally diverse and complex human

10. Equipped to teach effectively anywhere in the world.

11. Ready Day 1 to teach each student that God brings into his or her classrooms.

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