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Cooperating Teachers,

    Welcome and thank you for being a vital part of our teacher education program. We truly appreciate you opening your classroom to our teacher candidates and faculty. We  hope that this webpage serves as a helpful location to house all the information related to hosting and evaluating your our teacher candidates and interns. If you have questions after  reviewing the available information, please contact our administrative assistant: Michelle Willis at 479-524-7449 or by email  

Many Blessings,

Dr. Connie Matchell


Field Experience Information


Critical Disposition Form Video

The Critical Disposition Form will be will be shared with cooperating teachers by the professor or intern at the end of a field experience placement. This short video will explain the purpose of this form and process used in completing it.

Critical Disposition Form

Purpose: A teacher's disposition in the classroom is as important to teaching and student learning as the teacher's understanding of the content.  The items on this form have been identified by the JBU Professional Development School partners as critical teaching dispositions.  The purpose of this document is to identify dispositional growth areas for teacher candidates.


Internship Information


Training Videos

Internship Welcome and Training Video

Please watch this video and take the short Survey Monkey training verification quiz.

Powerpoint for Training Video

Weekly Evaluation Report Training Video

The Weekly Evaluation Reports is a communications tool between the CT, Intern, and University Supervisor.  The University Supervisor will share this google sheet with the CT and intern.

Survey Monkey Link

Survey Monkey quick training verification survey



Weekly Evaluation Form


First week of internship Questionnaire

This document has a list of questions that interns need to turn in to their supervisors at the end of the first week.  The questions are designed to help the intern better know the expectations of the school and your classroom.

Internship Handbook 18-19

This is a copy of the most current handbook.


Final Evaluations

W-9 Form

We must have a completed W-9 form to get you set up to complete the final evaluation and to process your $50 thank you gift 


Final Evaluation





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