Reducing Energy

In 2000, John Brown University's campus spanned a total of 511,937 square feet. The university's cost for electricity and gas in 2000 averaged to $1.61 per square foot.

In the past decade, the university campus has increased to 838,944 square feet but the cost of electricity and gas has decreased to $1.38 per square foot.

Since 2000, the university has increased by a total of 327,007 square feet but has decreased its electric/gas usage by $0.23/per square foot.

Electricity/Gas Decrease Projects - 2000-12 list of projects undertaken to decrease the electricity and gas cost of the University.


Reusing Materials

Metal/Batteries/Light bulb/Oil Recycling - 2011-12 list of weight, type and material of all metal, batteries, oil and light bulbs recycled.

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