JBU has many students who choose to live off campus and commute.  We welcome and value commuters as a part of our community and hope that the services and information provided allows them to have the best possible experience as JBU students.


Commuter Notification Form

All JBU commuters are required to provide contact information each year by completing a Commuter Notification Form.


JBU recognizes the importance of not only helping our commuter students get connected to others on campus, but developing community with fellow commuters as well.  Activities and events are planned at least once each month for that purpose.  Here are some examples of past programming!

  • coffee and games at Pour Jons
  • dinner at Fratelli's and attended the JBU Talent Show
  • lunch together in the California Cafe
  • bowling and attended Mock Rock
  • group outing to the movies
  • BBQ on the Quad


There are many lots available on campus for commuters students to use for parking and are designated with an "A" on the campus map.

In addition, there is also one Commuter Student of the Month parking spot available.  The random drawing for that spot takes place at each event and is for the winner to use until the next drawing.


There are lockers set aside for commuters to store their belongings while they are on campus. 

Cost: FREE

Location: First floor of the Walker Student Center near the where it connects with Walker Residence Hall

Lock: Students will need to provide their own lock

Contact: Student Development Office

Meal Plan options

Many commuters choose to bring their lunch with them to campus and eat in the Walker Student Center, outside on the Quad, in the Learning Resource Center lobby, or on the Walker Student Center balcony.  However, if you choose to eat meals on campus in the Kresge Dining Hall, there are meal plan options available.

Plan 1 - Offers any 50 all you care to eat meals per semester, plus $175 Declining Balance Dollars*

Plan 2 - Offers any 25 all you care to eat meals per semester, plus $105 Declining Balance Dollars*

Straight Spender - This all Declining Balance plan allows you to choose the amount.  Plans are sold in $25 increments, and you can open an account with as little as $25.  Plus, you'll get an extra 10% bonus on any initial deposit!

         *Declining Balance Dollars may only be used in the California Cafe

Inclement Weather

Because JBU is traditionally a residential campus, classes rarely close due to inclement weather, even on days when local schools may be closed.  However, in extreme cases weather conditions may prevent professors from traveling to campus.  If this occurs, professors should contact their division chair or a colleague so that a notice can be posted in their classrooms.  Furthermore, professors should make reasonable accommodations for those students who may have difficulty commuting from off-campus locations.

Chapel Policy

All JBU students, including commuters, are required to attend a minimum of 21 chapels  per semester.  At least 15 of those must be "regular" weekday chapels (generally Tuesdays and Thursdays).  If the student chooses, up to 6 of the 21 may be obtained by attending services that are designated as "additional" chapel events.  These include The Gathering (Sunday night student-led chapels) and other forums approved by the Office of Christian Formation.

Students who have extreme circumstances and feel they will be unable to attend chapel as required may apply for an exemption.  Applications are due in the Office of Christian Formation during the first week of classes, and eligibility for exemption will be determined by the Chapel Exemption Committee.

JBU chapel schedule and additional chapel schedule

Other Important Links

If you are looking to get involved in clubs, ministries, intramural sports and much more, there are many opportunities available that may fit your interests.   Here are some links that will help you get connected!

List of clubs

List of CAUSE ministries

Ministry retreats

Spiritual Growth Groups

Intramural sports

Student Government Association

List of campus events



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