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Leadership Positions

Student Leadership Positions at JBU

Please note due dates for reference forms and applications.

Orientation DirectorsFilled for 2017 (Applications due in fall of each year) Assist in planning, implementing & assessing orientation; serve as heads of the student orientation team, assisting as needed in their selection and training; participate in all orientation events

LSI Director - Due Jan 30 by midnight Create, plan, implement and evaluate all aspects of the LSI program; coordinate communication; facilitate interaction with LSI members; lead events; serve as ambassador for program.

Resident Assistant - Due Feb 3 Be available and visible to support and challenge residents’ daily needs; confront discipline issues; facilitate hall programming; handle paperwork, maintenance concerns, opening/closing dorms, & nights of duty.

SMLT Campus Ministry Director  - Due Feb 10 Work as a team to develop, organize, and implement on-campus Christian formation programming particularly mentoring, small groups, and campus-wide events by recruiting and training student leaders as well as planning logistics.

SMLT Outreach Ministry Director  - Due Feb 10 Work as a team to develop, organize, and implement programs focused on connecting JBU students in ministry, service, advocacy, and missions with people and organizations in the surrounding community, the region, the United States.

Orientation Leader - Due Mar 8 Participate in all training, activities, meetings, & evaluations; Serve as a small group co-leader for 10-12 new students, acting as a positive, Christian role model and guide.

SEA Student Director Position - Due Mar 10 Provides overall direction and leadership to the Student Events and Activities officer team while carrying out the mission of SEA by creating new events and sustaining traditional ones.  For more SEA positions, click here.

SEA Communications Director - Due Mar 10 Oversees the regular promotional material for Student Events and Activities by taking decisions that are being made and finds a creative and memorable way to communicate that information to the student body. For more SEA positions, click here.

Career Development Assistant - Due Mar 31 Assist students with career exploration and planning; Assist in planning and implementing special events (Graduate School Fair, Career Day, Workshops, etc.).

CAUSE Ministry Leader – Due Mar 31 Coordinate activities for various campus ministries; manage administrative tasks of ministries; lead prayer for the ministry, plan meetings as necessary, recruit and train ministry volunteers.

Growth Group Leader - Due Mar 31 Co-lead a small group of students in weekly Bible study.





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