SMLT Leadership Application

Student Ministries Leadership Team

SMLT is a team of eleven students who work together to foster authentic spiritual formation in individuals and teams through practical ministry, leadership development, and discipleship. 

Beginning Fall 2021 SMLT will have a new structure with an emphasis on small group development within residence areas while continuing support for campus ministry and community engagement initiatives. The team is made up of one (1) Student Ministries Director who leads SMLT alongside staff from the Office of Christian Formation and ten (10) Student Ministry Chaplains who support Growth Groups across campus and serve on ministry program teams including CAUSE, Trips, Retreats, and Communications.

SMLT Student Ministry Chaplain

SMLT Student Director

The Office of Christian Formation asks that all students applying for SMLT review and affirm their Statement of Faith and the JBU Community Covenant.

Important Dates

  • Feb 28: Application, References, and Resumes Due
  • Mar 1-17: Interviews
  • Late March: Position Selection
  • Mar 30 - May 12: SMLT Spring Training
  • Aug 12: Fall 2021 Return Date

We suggest that before filling out this application, each applicant type and save their answers to the essay questions in a text editing program, e.g.Word, and then copy/paste into this form, as applicants will not receive a copy of their application.