Tips for Commuter Success

How to Make the Most of Commuter Life

  • Communicate to groups you are a part of that you are a commuter.  This will help ensure your availability will be considered before meeting times are planned.   
  • Tell your professors you are a commuter. It is never a bad thing for your professors to know you are commuting to campus in case issues, such as inclement weather or flat tires, come up.  
  • Schedule the major JBU events and traditions in your calendar at the beginning of each semester so you can make plans to attend.   
  • Take time to look at the posters around campus each week so you can be aware of upcoming events.  
  • Consider asking someone else who lives near you to carpool.  
  • Be intentional about making friends with fellow commuters and non-commuters. The people around you really do want to get to know you.  
  • Be bold and introduce yourself to those around you in class! It may be a little intimidating, but it’s worth it.   
  • Join at least one student group, organization, or ministry that fits your schedule.  Bonus Tip: Establish a routine the first week or two of school and then join once you know your availability.  
  • If an on-campus friend (of the same gender, of course!) invites you to spend the night on campus, say yes. It will be a great experience!  
  • Designate a quality space to study at home and communicate that to parents, siblings, spouses, children, or roommates.   
  • Find a place to study on campus that is consistently available when you need it and fits your desired study environment.  
  • Limit the amount of hours you work off campus so you will have enough time available for other priorities (such as homework!).  
  • Leave yourself enough time so possible traffic issues and finding a parking spot don’t make you late for class.  
  • Find productive ways to spend your time in the car. Listen to audiobooks or podcasts, learn a new language, get caught up on the latest music, or do whatever else sounds appealing to you – just get the most out of your drive each day.   
  • Make sure you make time to rest!   

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