Student Counseling Center

The JBU Student Counseling Center provides clinically excellent mental health counseling, assessment, crisis intervention, and consultation to support the emotional well-being, educational goals, and personal development of students.

Schedule an appointment by filling out the secure online intake form (also linked below, at "Request an Appointment Here") and the Student Counseling Center will review your request, assign you to a therapist and contact you with an available appointment time.

COVID-19 RESPONSE:  We at the JBU Student Counseling Center have been saddened with you as the on-campus school year is shortened. We know that there is no change without loss, and that going home can be disorienting and complicated even under normal circumstances.

The Student Counseling Center will continue providing counseling services until the end of the school year. If you live at a distance and your presenting concern is appropriately seen remotely, we offer online, technology-assisted counseling. Simply fill out the intake form below, and someone from our office will be in touch with you.

If you’re already a client, your counselor should already have reached out to you to reschedule your appointment. Depending on what you’re working on in counseling, your counselor will continue to see you online, assist you in finding the resources you need for the summer, or make some other arrangement as needed.

Should you wish to contact anyone at our office, please email us at If you’re a client already, we’ll make sure your counselor sees it or if you have some other concern we can help with, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Request an Appointment Here

For questions, contact Student Counseling Center at or 479.524.7251.

In the case of an emergency, contact Campus Safety at 479.215.5000 or dial 911. 


Students face many trials in college and may benefit from addressing those trials with a skilled therapist in counseling. The Student Counseling Center staff is committed to providing an ethical and professional service to the JBU Community within a biblical worldview.

Our office provides counseling services during the Fall and Spring semesters. Most students are served on an individual basis and typically meet weekly for a 45-50 minute session. Some individuals need only a few sessions to work through their personal concerns. Some need more time. The number of sessions is based on the student's need and particular circumstances.

In the event a student's concern requires intensive therapeutic or medical care beyond the scope of the counseling center or health services, our office will assist students with referrals to professional off-campus support services.



Traditional undergraduate students are not charged for sessions 1-8 per academic year (August - May). If a student continues working in individual counseling after the 8th session, then there is a $10 charge per session. If available, a student may choose to continue their work in group counseling, free of charge. There are no fees associated with group counseling, regardless of the number of sessions a student has had in individual.

Traditional Undergraduate pricing for individual counseling, per academic year:
Sessions 1-8: No charge
Sessions 9+: $10 per session

Graduate and Online Undergraduate pricing for individual counseling, per academic year:
Intake session: No charge
Sessions 2-8: $40 per session
Sessions 9+: Standard rate

Discuss questions or concerns about payment during your initial visit or by emailing


The Student Counseling Center is located at 100 South Holly Street, Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761. It's about one block south from the main campus of John Brown University.  View map and directions.