Billing Tuition and Fees

Billing Tuition and Fees

Student financial account billing information is available online through the Student Billing and Payment Center. Students and their authorized users may view their billing and financial aid transactions and may also pay online. Students should review their account each month. Paper statements will not be mailed.

Traditional Undergraduate Program
Tuition Rates
Adjustments of Tuition & Fees - Withdrawal of Undergraduate Student

Online Undergraduate Program
Adjustments of Tuition - Withdrawal/Drop of Online Undergraduate Student

Graduate Program
Adjustments of Tuition - Withdrawal/Drop of Graduate Studies 

Slingshot Bookstore (formerly Tree of Life)
The fee for Slingshot Premium is billed on the first day of classes for students enrolled for that service. Subsequent registration changes may result in billing adjustments. See the Slingshot Bookstore FAQ pages for more information.

1098T Tuition Statements
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