Welcome to JBU!

We are excited to have your student here with us!  Paying for college can be overwhelming and confusing but we are here to help! Below is some helpful information regarding your student's account.  If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us!

Authorized User Log In

Your student can sign you up as an Authorized User.  This will give you access to view billing details, anticipated and posted financial aid, and make or schedule payments on the account. 

Authorized User Login Link

Setting Up an Authorized User
PDF Instructions

Authorized User
Video Walkthrough


FERPA Release Form & Laws

In order for the Student Accounts team to be able to speak to you about your student, they will need to complete the FERPA Release Form and return it to Student Accounts Services or email it to StudentAccounts@jbu.edu

FERPA Release Form

FERPA Informational Video

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) & Student Financial Accounts

FERPA Parent's Certification of Dependency

Questions? Contact Us

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