Tutor/Learning Coach Application

Students participating in the Student Support Services Program must meet one of the following criteria: low income guidelines, first generation college student status or disability status. In the following field, discuss any commonalities that you may have with this population and/or how you will develop a rapport with SSS students:

For each of the following Gen. Ed. classes that you would feel comfortable tutoring, add the following information: If taken at JBU, list your professor; if not taken at JBU, note how credit was recieved; list grade you received.

Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
American Government
Western Civ. I
Western Civ. II
Intro to Statistics
Intro to Philosophy
College Algebra
Physical Science
English I & II/Writing Skills

For each of the following Advanced classes that you would feel comfortable tutoring, list all types and/or levels of course, credit method, professor and grade. (Ex: Survey of Calc & Calc I: AP credit; Calc II: Blume, A)

Foreign Languages
Graphic Design


List three job-related references, one of which must be a faculty member different from your faculty recommendation choice. Include Name/Title, Department/Place of Employment, and Phone Number.

Because our program requires students to meet specific criteria to be eligible for our services, we often have to turn students away from receiving tutoring help because they do not qualify. Would you be interested in working as a volunteer tutor in addition to, or instead of, working as a paid tutor/learning coach with Student Support Services? If so, how many hours a week would you be willing to volunteer?

I understand that Student Support Services will need to review my transcript and contact my references to verify accuracy of the information I provided.

No need to fill this out: