Eligibility Requirements

Qualifying for Support Services

A student must meet one of the following eligibility criteria to qualify for the program. Some students may qualify in more than one area.

  • First-generation college student
    If neither of your parents has a Bachelor's (4 year) degree, you are considered a first generation college student.
  • Student with a documented disability
    To qualify as a student with a documented disability, you must have acceptable documentation on file in the Office of Disability Services or present that documentation with your application.
  • Federal low-income guidelines
    Students must provide evidence that they meet federal low-income guidelines. This evidence may be from financial aid documents or from income tax documents. There is a formula used to determine if a student meets the income guidelines. A chart of the guidelines with some explanation is available here. We encourage students to come in to talk to us about this area so we can help you accurately determine if you qualify.

How to apply

Students who believe they meet the eligibility criteria for SSS should print an Application and Self-Assessment of Needs form, fill them out, and send them or bring them to the SSS office in L147. An appointment will be set up for the student with one of the SSS staff to discuss the student's interest in the program.

If students would like to learn more about the program, but are unsure if they are eligible, they should call 524-7471 to set up an appointment with one of our staff to get more information.


Self-Assessment of Needs 

Faculty Referral Form

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