Photo: Online Learning Tools

Online Learning Tools

Resources to Support College Learning

GPA Calculator
(Free online graphing, scientific, matrix and statistics calculators)
(A great online flash card program that links with Facebook)
(Online flashcards and games)
(Free public domain audiobooks)
(Online Bible and research tools)

Study and Learning Strategies Help
(Strategic Learning Online Video)
(Study Skills information and online workshops)
(Online videos on various Academic skills from McMaster University)
(Planning & Time Management Tools & Advice)

Online Learning Styles Assessments

(A free Accounting "course" with explanations, quizzes & study helps)
(Online tutoring for Math, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Religion)
(Great math, science & business YouTube videos)
(Virtual Math Lab - College Algebra, I and II equivalents)
(Interactive Tutorials and Quizzes on Human Anatomy and Physiology)
(Human Anatomy video tutorials) 
(Personalized, adaptive tutoring for Math, Science & Business. Free trial, then pay by the month)
(YouTube videos for Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, History, Literature and more)
(Math concepts simplified with examples and visuals)

(Online Writing Lab)
(For writing research papers)
(Guide to Grammar and Writing)
(Help for ESL Students)
(Learn a language for free)

Just for Fun
(Virtual Autopsy - This is kind of like CSI)
(Online frog dissection)
(Cognitive function tests and games)
(Virtual marching tour of the American Revolution)
(Build your vocabulary and feed the hungry)
(Choose 9-12 level for interactive mathematical games and virtual manipulatives)
(Background noise for productivity or relaxation)

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