The Newton Research Group


Dr. Susan Newton (Natural Science-Chemistry) and Dr. Ted Song (Engineering) co-led a team of five JBU students at the 2017 National Sustainable Design Expo in Washington D.C. The team previously won a grant for $15,000 for the development of a biogas digester during the school year, and submitted their project reports to compete for a second grant of $75,000 to implement their designs and potentially bring it to the marketplace. The team received $1,000 and the 2017 Youth Council for Sustainable Science and Technology P3 Award for their design, which is given to the team that best exemplifies interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation during the development of the project. The project has the potential to significantly reduce local, nationwide and global resource use and engage the local community in development and maintenance of the project. The award also came with an invitation to present the team’s work at the 2017 AlChE Annual Meeting in October.