Chemistry and Biochemistry Research

Dr. Jill Ellenbarger is involved in an ongoing research project to develop molecules that undergo a distinct color change to selectively identify the presence of several of the most prevalent, hazardous negatively-charged contaminants.  Much like a single key is able to fit into a specific lock, we seek to develop urea-based compounds that are complementary to specific anions of interest. Research students are mentored by Dr. Ellenbarger as they tackle specific challenges with a variety of computational chemistry tools. Learn more here.



Dr. Susan Newton is involved in an ongoing renewable energy research project. The project has the potential to significantly reduce local, nationwide and global resource use and engage the local community in development and maintenance of the project. Learn more here



Dr. Francis Umesiri is involved in an ongoing research project surrounding developing tuberculosis treatments.
























 Keys and Locks

Worldwide Impact



















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