Frequently Asked Questions: Living on Campus

Residence Life

Who can help me?
There is a mature student who serves as the Resident Assistant (RA) on each floor. These students have been trained to help you in whatever way you need it ... or at least to point you in the right direction. They are supervised by the Resident Director of the Hall.

How is spiritual growth actively promoted?
Other than three chapels a week and various other campus activities, your RA will put on events for the floor, including spiritual growth activities, and RHA will also provide opportunities to learn and grow.

What is RHA?
RHA is the Residence Hall Association; each hall has its own RHA to put on all-hall events that promote fellowship, growth and fun times!

What is the Community Covenant?
The university community has developed four guiding principles that represent our core values. They are: Scripture, Integrity, Uniqueness and Community. These four values shape the campus environment. Moreover, the university has also adopted prudential rules that are consistent with but not required by Scripture such as prohibiting the use of alcohol and tobacco.

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The Location

Can I pick my roommate?
Yes! We only ask that it be a mutual request by both students. If you find a roommate at Early Registration or by other means, both students should contact the residence life office to confirm the request.

How do I get to know a roommate I've never met?
We will provide you with contact information for your roommate by the middle of the summer. You can then get in touch with your roommate to start getting to know each other. Orientation provides a great opportunity for bonding, as does spending time in your room together once you've arrived at school. Your RA will put on hall activities to encourage community development on your hall/floor.

Do the residence halls close during the school year?
Yes, the halls are closed over Christmas and Spring Break; all students will need to make other arrangements during these times. However, halls do remain open during Fall Break and Thanksgiving. After graduation, all students will need to remove all of their personal belongings from the residence facilities.

Are there single rooms available?
Yes, there are a limited number of single rooms available. Preference is given to those students with the most credit hours.

Can I live off campus?
John Brown University has a six-semester residency requirement. All single undergraduate students under the age of 22 are required to live on-campus with limited exceptions as covered in the student handbook.

Do you have married student housing?
Yes, there are housing facilities for married students in the West Twin Springs apartments.

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The Room

What size of sheets should I buy?
 We recommend the XL twin sheets. We do have a limited supply of 85 inch mattresses for those students over 6'4".

What are the dimensions of my room?
Check out the tool bar on the left side of the JBU Residence Life homepage to find the specific dimensions of your room and the layout of the hall.

What options do I have in arranging my room?
You and your roommate are free to arrange the furniture in a way that works best for you. There are many options! However, safety and potential damage to furniture should be kept in mind. Moreover, students cannot build any type of loft or platforms within their rooms. Also, there can be no modification to university-provided room furnishings.

What furniture is provided?
Beds, mattresses and mattress covers, desks, desk chairs and dressers are provided in all the residence halls. Some also have bookshelves and/or nightstands.

Can I decorate my room?
Yes! We encourage you to make your room your home-away-from-home. However, you may not paint the walls or use nails from which to hang things.  Also, due to the resurgence of bed bugs, we strongly discourage the use of second hand upholstered furniture or rugs (i.e.second-hand stores, garage sales, found along the road).

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Other Services

Where do I eat?
The Kresge Dining Hall ("the Caf") is the primary on-campus eating facility. It is open 21 meals a week for at least an hour and a half at each meal time. California Café is another convenient option located in the Walker Student Center where you can purchase anything from a hamburger to coffee to smoothies to candy.

What meal plans are available to me?
Residential students are required to have a meal plan. In the dorms, you can choose from 21, 16 or 12 meals a week and also have the option to upgrade for more funds on your card for California Café. Students who live in the Townhouses or Northslope Apts also have the option of seven meals a week. Senior students living in the Townhouses and Northslope have additional options available as well. Non-residential students may choose to purchase a commuter meal plan with either 25 or 50 meals.

Where do I receive my mail?
We have our own JBU mail room that delivers mail directly to your box and is also a certified postal facility from which you can send mail.

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In The Dorm

What facilities are available in the residence hall?
Computer Lab
Soda Pop/Snack Machines
Prayer Closet
Large Public Lounge Lobby
Kitchenette and/or Microwave
TV Lounge
Debit/Credit card operated laundry facilities
Protected Bicycle Racks

Do you allow refrigerators in the hall?
Yes, students are permitted to have refrigerators 4.6 cubic ft. or smaller in the room. Full-size fridges are provided in the kitchen areas in each dorm.

What is the laundry situation?
All the residence halls have debit/credit card operated laundry facilities.

Can I have an overnight guest in my dorm room?
Yes, students are allowed to have overnight guests for up to three nights, but be sure your roommate (and RA) knows!

Are there kitchen facilities provided in the residence hall?
Yes, each dorm has at least one kitchen area, equipped with a refrigerator, stove, oven and microwave.

What about storage?
Students who live more than 500 miles away may store a limited amount in Residence Hall storage over the summer. There are a number of local storage units that offer special deals to JBU students.

Can I have pets in my dorm room?
Fish in small tanks are allowed; other pets are not!

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