Welcome to the Townhouses

The Townhouses at JBU are home for up to 106 upperclass men and women. There are two sides to each house, each side housing 8 to 10 students. Each side has a full kitchen, furnished living area, and bedrooms fully furnished with beds, desks, chairs, dressers, and closet space.

The Townhouses provide a unique opportunity for students to enjoy the conveniences of living on campus, while also providing transitional housing. The Townhouse residents are given the opportunity to be on a seven meal plan that allows them to cook for themselves and enjoy daily open dorm visitation hours.

Each of the Townhouses has an RA and a House Manager. These two students work together to promote the well-being of the residents, plan house activities, ensure a clean and safe living environment, and foster an atmosphere that builds community in their homes.

Floor Plans

Twn 249 and 251 [1st floor]
Twn 249 and 251 [2nd floor]
Twn 253 and 255 [1st floor]
Twn 253 and 255 [2nd floor]
Twn 257 and 259 [1st floor]
Twn 257 and 259 [2nd floor]
Efficiency [249 basement]