Rental Houses

Married, Graduate, Non-traditional and Upperclass Student Housing

JBU Rental Houses

Located on S. Holly Street, within walking distance of campus, JBU provides safe, attractive and comfortable housing for married, graduate, non-traditional and qualified undergraduate students who wish to live on or near the JBU campus.  These houses are furnished with dorm-style bedroom furniture.  An equipped kitchen, washers & dryers, open areas and JBU Internet access will make your stay enjoyable. There are four rentals available:

  • Security deposit for all house rentals - $500 (or $100 each tenant, whichever is more)
  • 340 S. Holly St. - Five bedrooms and two bathrooms $1605/mo.        Full for 2022-2023      
  • 1670 Holly Place. - three bedrooms and two bathrooms $1340/mo.    Full for 2022-2023
  • 1601 Holly Place - five bedrooms and three bathrooms $1925/mo.     Full for 2022-2023  
  • 120 S. Holly St. - three bedrooms and one bath $1070/mo.               Full for 2022-2023                     
  • Tenants are responsible for all monthly utility bills.

Rates are 2022-2023 and go into effect July 1.