Mayfield Hall

Mayfield Hall is an all-women's two-story housing facility built in a U-shape. The three wings have been affectionately dubbed Old, Middle and New. In the center of the U rests a beautiful courtyard where many activities are hosted throughout the year. Mayfield has the capacity to house 250 women. All three wings have two floors, each containing approximately 20 rooms with one large centrally located bathroom. All the rooms, 119 in total, with the exception of nine single rooms, are double occupancy.

Each room in Mayfield is furnished with two beds, two desks and chairs, two dressers, two wardrobes and has a sink. The rooms are joined by a spacious lobby looking out toward the courtyard which has outdoor seating and a fire pit.

With a refreshing fellowship and an energetic community, Mayfield is a great place to enjoy college life.

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