Transfer Course Policy

New Incoming Transfer Students

Core Curriculum Transfer Guides

These transfer guides apply only to students who have not previously, and are not currently, enrolled at JBU.

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Major Specific Transfer Guides
The following transfer guides were created for specific majors at JBU.

Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC)
Construction Management

Reverse Transfer

JBU has partnered with the following schools to create a pathway for you to earn an associate's degree from your community college and complete your bachelor's degree at JBU.

  • NorthWest Arkansas Community College
  • Carl Albert State College
  • Black River Technical College

Reverse transfer allows students who have taken classes at one of these community colleges to transfer credits earned at JBU back to the community college to complete an associate's degree.

If you have attended one of the colleges listed above, and are interested in reverse transfer, please fill out the reverse transcript request form. If you have questions about reverse transfer, please contact Sarah Philpot at

Reverse Transcript Request Form