Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Hope and a Future in a Changing World

JBU’s last strategic plan began primarily with an internal perspective on how better to articulate and implement JBU’s mission, vision and values. We still wholeheartedly affirm that articulation and many of the strategies that we have put in place over the last five years.

However, since the economic and cultural context in which JBU operates seems to be changing in significant ways, we have decided that this strategic plan should start with a more external perspective about how those changes could affect JBU. The narrative that develops is sobering based on the challenges facing higher education, and, in particular, Christian higher education; however, it is also deeply encouraging to recognize how JBU’s location, people, resources, and institutional history and momentum enable us to respond and flourish. Even if we find ourselves becoming more resident aliens than citizens in this changing world, God continues to call us to serve the larger community, and he affirms his promise to give all of us a hope and a future.

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